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McAfee Secure vs eTrust Pro | Compare and Save Thousands

eTrust Pro and McAfee Secure are both driven by a passion to keep the Internet safe and increasing conversions. But they are also very different and knowing the differences can save you thousands of dollars.

McAfee Secure and eTrust Pro uses a Trust Seal that proves to consumers that the website they are visiting uses the best available security practices and that this Internet merchant is doing his/her best to provide safe transactions on their websites. The eTrust Pro Trust Seal like the McAfee Secure Seal truly differentiates websites displaying the seal from those who do not.

McAfee Secure and eTrust Pro have a few things in common but eTrust Pro outshines McAfee Secure in three key areas:

1. eTrust Pro provides unlimited trust seal impressions.

2. eTrust Pro offers it's unique traffic analytics control panel.

3. eTrust Pro gains customer trust for a fraction of the cost compared to McAfee Secure.

Both McAfee Secure and eTrust Pro use advanced scanning technologies to test clients websites to determine that the sites and their servers are safe from hackers, viruses, and other vulnerabilities. This insures that the private and sensitive information belonging to on-line customers are not compromised while on that website.

In a point-by-point comparison of eTrust Pro and McAfee Secure it is clear eTrust Pro is a superior value over McAfee Secure. Both eTrust Pro and McAfee Secure do site scanning but eTrust Pro goes way beyond that by providing third-party website verification. This verification double checks that the owners of websites are who they say they are by verifying business physical addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, SSL registrations, and, most importantly, server vulnerabilities on a daily basis. McAfee Secure does not provide these services.

Not only does eTrust Pro provide additional services beyond McAfee Secure but it does it for far less money - a minimum of 500% less in fact. That makes eTrust Pro an outstanding value for the money.

Study after study has shown that website security and consumer privacy is a major consideration when potential customers visit web sites to shop on-line and a viable Trust Seal is the proof consumers look for when they are choosing an Internet site to buy from. McAfee Secure and eTrust Pro both provide excellent trust seals. eTrust Pro, however, provides additional analytics and other security scans and it does it all for a lot less money.

Company Name Actual Cost
McAfee Secure McAfee Secure
(Previously Hacker Safe)
$959 to $5,000* Yearly
eTrust Pro eTrust Pro $199.95 Yearly (Best Price)
or $19.95 Per Month

eTrust Pro cost at a minimum 500% less then McAfee Secure

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